Google Hut Draws Neighborhood’s Ire

The Oak Park-Northwood Neighborhood Association wants Google to remove its hut in Haskin Park.

“This is not against Google, we want Google here,” Association President Jonathan Delmer said.

But he’s upset about the process by which they’ve come here.

“You know, when you take a one and quarter acre park away from the people that are using it, and you put a 30 by 50 foot concrete building in it, it kinda takes the use of the park away from the people that own it,” he said.

Councilman Mike Gallagher is aware of the concerns and said he’s working with the neighborhood.

“We’ve really done a lot to try to overcome some of the problems they were facing with that hut,” Gallagher said. “We’ve planted a bunch of trees, put in some parking areas.”

But he thinks that Google hut in Haskin Park is here to stay.

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