GOP Quiet, Dems See Opportunity

In Texas, it’s typical of Republican Party leadership to rally around the top of the ticket, but, this year, it’s been a bit quiet.

That might be because Donald Trump may have alienated the top here.

“You know you have the kind of senior leadership of the Republican Party in state who have either disavowed Trump, or have taken a neutral position towards Trump, or will simply say nothing about it,” University of Houston Political Scientist Brandon Rottinghaus told KTSA News.

“I think, by in large because most of them were Cruz fans or were Bush fans, there was a serious disconnect for them in the election,” he said.

Instead, he thinks Republicans in Texas are focusing on winning the bottom of the ticket.

“They are in danger of losing dozens and dozens of seats in the biggest counties and biggest cities in Texas,” Rottinghaus said. “The Republicans, if they don’t hold the line, are going to be at risk of losing to Democrats in places where they otherwise might be able to win.”

He said it’s a real concern.

Meanwhile, Democrats in Bexar County see opportunity this election cycle.

Party Chairman Manuel Medina is confident: “We’re going to win everything in Bexar County,” he said.

He said it’s because Hillary’s strengths, Trump himself, and “then you’ve got a Republican Party in Bexar County that only 22% of them voted for their nominee, so there’s a lot of chaos within the local Republican Party that is certainly going to create opportunity.”

He thinks Texas is in play for Democrats because there’s opportunity across the state.

“At the end of the day, I think voters in Texas are going to do what Ted Cruz said ‘vote your conscience’ and, as a result, it creates an opportunity for the Democrats and Hillary to turn Texas blue,” Medina said.

And that would be the first time since 1976.


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