Got A Kid Who Wants To Play Football? Here’s A Pro Tip

I love college football and plan to spend extravagant amounts of time watching it this fall.*

If your kid is anywhere in the football pipeline, here’s some advice from Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh:

Play soccer.

Not you, champ. Your knees are shot to hell. He means your son.

We’ve always heaped praise on the multi-sport athlete, but this isn’t about lettering.

The way the game is being played these days, you need foot agility, speed to counter increasing bulk, and there’s one more trend.

More and more offenses are set up for guys with stop-start strength. Google a kid named Erv Phillips, who plays wide receiver for Syracuse (yes, Syracuse) and you’ll see what I mean.

There’s a lot more to his reasoning, so read the whole piece when you have a chance. Or share it with your favorite football family.

(*I said I plan to. Doesn’t mean it will happen. But imagining it gets me through the summer.)


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