Should Grown-ups Go To Their Room?

How do you deal with rage?

A growing industry gives you a place to take it…and take it out. Names like “Smash Shack” and “The Anger Room”. Places where, for a fee, you can grab a baseball bat or sledgehammer and go to town on an old TV, crockery, even a mirror. You wear protective gear and sign a waiver.

Apparently, these places thrive in places or times where joblessness is up and the economy is down. It’s therapy for the users, and in many cases,it’s a new start for the rage room owners, themselves downsized or laid-off from traditional jobs.

What do you think?

I’m all about choice, and I have to hand it to these entrepreneurs. It’s really clever.

But it doesn’t solve anything. Venting your energy into something meaningless and giving someone money so you can do it sounds like prostitution without the sex. It’s your choice, but don’t kid yourself that you’ve found a solution.

Just an activity.



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