This Is Happening Much Faster Than Anyone Anticipated

By: Trey Ware 12/6/2016

Before the election, I wrote a post about new technology taking jobs from humans, and the fact that the issue was never addressed during the campaign. It is THE biggest factor for the future of the U.S. labor force, and not one question was directed to the candidates about it.

In the post, I mentioned new driver-less beer trucks which will soon make deliveries overseen by one human for an entire fleet! Since this technology is not limited to the beer industry, hundreds of delivery drivers will be looking for work, soon.

Watch this video about Amazon Go.

Amazon Go is an 1800 square foot grocery store in Seattle which does not employ checkers. Customers simply scan their Amazon app as they enter the store, and the electronic gizmos keep track of the items the shopper removes from the shelves. Upon exit, the app totals the bill and charges the customer’s Amazon account automatically.

No human checkers. No human baggers. That means higher profits.

The former CEO of McDonald’s wrote in Forbes that the fast food company is installing customer-order kiosks in hundreds of their restaurants. Order takers behind the counter will soon disappear.

New data released last week shows the labor participation rate is at its lowest in more than 40 years. Nearly 95 million Americans are not working! This growth in technology will add to those numbers as “bean counters” look for ways to trim employee costs and grow the bottom line.

These numbers put a greater burden on an ever-shrinking workforce to pay for the needs of our country. Hence why it was shocking no one discussed the issue during the campaign.

The U.S. workforce of the future must prepare for this shift now as it is happening much faster than many trend-watchers anticipated.

However, the news is not all bad for those who know how to manage change.

Here’s why: workers in the U.S. have adapted to technology improvements and industry changes since the foundation of our country. People look for opportunities, and they adjust to them.

Also, there will always be those who want the experience of purchasing from a real live person.

Nancy and I own a travel company called Dream Departures Travel. We focus on family trips to Disney, marathon race trips to Disney, Cruises, and all inclusive resorts. Our customers love our high-touch approach to business. Our agents are experienced travelers themselves, and are always available to answer questions, make helpful money-saving suggestions, and make adjustments in response to our clients’ needs and desires. No booking engine can offer that kind of personal touch.

As has always been the case, the future of American business is full of challenges while offering the opportunity for amazing payoff and profit to those who are willing to learn and adapt to the future.

The future is now. Are you ready?




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