Harriet Tubman in, Andrew Jackson out, on $20

Thanks to a hit musical, believe it or not, the tide has turned away from yanking Alexander Hamilton off the face of the $10.

But, like the song says, something’s gotta give. So, Old Hickory will eventually be replaced on the 20-spot with Underground Railroad heroine and abolitionist Harriet Tubman.

Redesigning paper money is frivolous, compared to how government policies and economic stagnation are hollowing out its value. But if we’re going to draw pictures instead of solve problems, I do like the Harriet Tubman choice.

Her story could only happen in America: from being born into slavery, to sustaining a devastating head injury as a young woman (she refused to help restrain another runaway slave), to her escape to freedom, she’d already led a full life before she was 30.

She called herself a “conductor” on the “Underground Railroad” northbound escape route for slaves, her courage bolstered by an intense Christian faith, and her proficiency with a pistol. Later in life, this woman of limited formal education had the ear of the most powerful political and military leaders of the Union.

The more Americans, and people around the world, learn about Harriet Tubman, the better. And prouder.



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