Harvey Evacuees Bracing for What They’ll See at Home

By Pilar Arias

Some Corpus Christi-area evacuees at a southwest side shelter Sunday told KTSA they are waiting for the word to return home.

“We live in a 20-foot RV so we don’t know if it’s still there or what,” Johanna Cochran said alongside her fiance, Daniel Cummins.

Cochran fears the fast food restaurant she works at is damaged and she won’t have a job to return to. The couple has seen pictures of devastation from what was Hurricane Harvey in Rockport, but said there are still a lot of unknowns.

“They have the military out there right now, assessing damages, helping out, clearing the roads and stuff like that so we’re just waiting,” Cochran said.

 Cochran and Cummins are hoping to be able to receive disaster assistance from FEMA.

During their time at the shelter, they assisted other evacuees by giving them rides to the store.

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