Is the Health Care Debate Slowing Work in Congress?

By Bill O’Neil

Is the debate over health care casting a shadow over other important work at the nation’s capitol?

At least one San Antonio Congressman believes that’s the case.

“Tax reform… nothing has really moved on that. Transportation… nothing has really moved on that” said Congressman Henry Cuellar.

“There’s too much emphasis on the health care law” Cuellar added.

The round and round over what to do about health care has clearly left the Congressman frustrated.

“The problem is Republicans don’t want to work with Democrats and I think that’s an issue. I think we need to do this in a bi-partisan fashion. We’ve taken up so much time on it” Cuellar said.

The Congressman also said there’s plenty of blame to go around for the situation.

“We’ve got two extremes: Democrats who think it’s (Obamacare) a perfect bill… it’s not. Then you’ve got Republicans who all they really want to do is repeal” Cuellar said.



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