Hemisfair Future Continues to Stir Controversy

A group continues its call for the city of San Antonio to halt the idea of a hotel in Hemisfair Park.

“We and a lot of folks in the San Antonio community think that the Hemisfair Park Redevelopment is profoundly flawed,” Unite Here’s Danna Schneider told KTSA News.

Unite Here is asking the Community Parks Bond Committee to not recommend $21M for the Hemisfair Park Redevelopment (and its $59M budget).

“The flaw that people are upset about is the intention to build a hotel as part of Hemisfair Park,” she said.

The city has told KTSA News that there is a concept to have a hotel in a northwest portion of the park, but it says no bond dollars are specifically earmarked for a hotel.

Schneider said that is misleading.

“They can say ‘oh, well, this $21M is not going to go to this’, but then the other $28M will go and part of that $28M comes from the profits from that very hotel,” she said. “It’s all part of the same corrupt deal.”

She said the people of San Antonio did not get a say in this.



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