He’s Just Not That Into You

First of all, there are no victims in this story, no matter how hard you try to make ’em.

During last Saturday’s Palo Alto College commencement ceremonies, someone (who must not like him much) timed Chancellor Bruce Leslie as he spent 40 minutes using his phone.

Hey, those new Uggs aren’t going to order themselves!

The whistleblower on Leslie is the president of the faculty association (which sounds like it might be the lede here), and his point is “disappointment”. “The least we can do is give them proper attention,” he notes.

I’m not buying the “maybe something urgent came up” argument, so another possibility is that the chancellor was bored. Not nice. But probably not actionable, either.

On the outside chance that he pays some professional price for this faux pas, will professors who scroll through Pinterest during a boring oral presentation be rapped on the knuckles too? And I’m sure none of these students EVER looked at a phone during any classes, riiiiiiiggghhtt?


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