Hey, Let’s Charge Trump With Clinton’s Crime!

Am I hearing this right?

The people who want to criminally charge Trump, for telling Russia today to find her missing nat-sec emails, are some of the same fine folks who’ve been telling us Hillary should not have been charged for making them so easily available to Russia in the first place.

Couple of weeks ago, the Hillary email story was NBD. Now, OMG…what if someone sees those emails?

Therefore, they tell us, Trump is committing treason (I’m not even kidding, check out the Interwebs) because of the Miami news conference. But, when Hill was parking classified emails alongside her yoga schedule on the spare bedroom server, that was…hey look! A squirrel!

A Democratic lawyer was on CNN saying Trump’s taunt was “egregiously stupid”. Then what does that make the best candidate since George Washington—because we wouldn’t be talking about Russians reading them if she hadn’t left them out to be read? Hmm, what’s an adverb stronger than “egregiously”?

If you love the Donald, you might think he set this yuuuge trap for the Democrats to fall into. Me, I don’t think he meant anything more than what he said: If they’re out there, maybe the Russians will find them. But these Democrats are overreaching a lot, suffused with supremacy over the perceived gift of the Trump candidacy. You can see it in their convention: “We got this election. This guy?! C’mon, you can’t be serious!” 

Even President Thatsnotwhoweare is warning his party to “run scared”. They ought to listen to him.

Look: the private server emails were almost certainly hacked and compromised. No cybersecurity authority doubts it. So, Trump wasn’t urging, inciting or soliticiting hacking. The hacking has already happened. He was encouraging someone to come forward with them. Not even close to the legal threshold for “inciting imminent lawless action,” as the law puts it.

Does anyone believe Trump’s press conference was instructing the Kremlin? Oh yes, they do. The ones with a guilty conscience about Mrs. Clinton’s historic recklessness.

Remember though: if you want to make the case that the GOP candidate’s words post a national security threat, then you are implicating the Clinton private server. And if you care about foreign involvement in an American election now, but couldn’t care less about Hillary taking tens of millions of foreign money, then you’re hard to take seriously.



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