High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Scholar Victor Davis Hanson says “Trump struggles with embarrassing misdemeanors, Clinton with high crimes.”

Trump: tax returns, Trump U., Melania’s lifted lines.

Clinton: Lied and was “careless” about national secrets, incompetence and indifference in Benghazi, Syria, et. al., and the RICO-flavored “Clinton Foundation”.

It’s only if you squint that you can equalize these, or rationalize her.

Even on the plagiarism carried out on the Mrs. Trump speech: I would ask these questions:

1.) Why plagiarize Michelle Obama? Her words weren’t the ultimate in any way. If someone had writer’s block, that wouldn’t be the logical or obvious fix.

2) Why do something so easily caught? A fourth-grader could’ve restated those lines with apt synonyms. Unless you wanted to embarrass her…

3.) Are the people taking this seriously also holding candidate Clinton (who plagiarized Obama), Obama (who plagiarized Deval Patrick) and Joe Biden (who plagiarized Neil Kinnock, Jack Kennedy and more) to the same standard. If so, Melania should start looking at color swatches for the White House residence, right?

We live in a time where the latest “news” story is the most important, instead of critically weighing the relative importance of what is “new”. We worship “new”. Sometimes “old news” is still more significant than the “latest” thing.

And, there’s a reason why high crimes versus misdemeanors are treated differently in the law.


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