Highway 90 Crash Kills One

By Elizabeth Ruiz

We may never know what caused a man to swerve across the lanes of a busy highway during the morning rush, going back and forth before slamming into a concrete median.

He was ejected from his car on Westbound Highway 90 near Nogalitos before the vehicle was struck by an 18-wheeler.

“The 18-wheeler that was traveling the same direction was unable to stop in time and actually hit the vehicle, moving it forward against the concrete median,” said officer Carlos Ortiz.

He believes the driver of the car was dead before the big rig hit the vehicle.

“Most likely, the cause of death was from the initial crash when this gentleman hit the concrete median and was ejected from the vehicle,” said Ortiz.

A pickup truck also hit the 18-wheeler, but both drivers escaped serious injury.

The accident temporarily shut down lanes in both directions of Highway 90 near Nogalitos

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