Hillary For Mayor of New York? It’s Meant To Be

They called her “the People’s President” while giving her a standing O at a Broadway play the other night.

Which is fitting, because you’d be living in a “People’s Republic” if she were selecting cabinet ministers instead of sucking up complimentary show tickets.

Seems that some fans of last year’s Democratic nominee for president have been casting around for a new sinecure—er, public-service calling—and have figured out that if you limit her electoral pool to coastal yuppies, she could win.

Hence, the “Clinton For NYC Mayor 2017” boomlet.

I know, I know, this is low-hanging fruit—you can start a rumor about Hillary running for some office with the same ease that the Russians got into John Podesta’s email. And yes, people close to her insist she’s never going to run for a public office again.

Boy did we blow it. And by that, I mean for her, not for us.

But I think she might just fire up the black van one more time. Let me tell you why.

First, the job comes with a mansion.

Second, think of all the free Broadway tickets she’d be offered. Broadway is Hillary’s America—it’s like she’s Cliff Claven and West 45th is her “Cheers”.

“The Great White Way” they used to call it. Now it would just have to be “The Way”.

Thirdly, big cities are the only things in post-Obama America on which Democrats can keep a grip. Have you seen the carnage BO left behind in the ranks of senators, congresspeople and governors? Only in the big cities are they still “voting early and often”, as the hoary saying goes.

Fourth, only New Yorkers seem pliable for her limited political skills. They’ve already fallen twice for Clinton’s shrill, brittle condescension—also known as her stump speech. Might as well dance with who brung ya.

The Empire State’s truly Clinton’s booty call. No matter how late the hour, they tell her to come on up.

Sure, Hillary Clinton running for mayor would seem hasty, contrived and desperate. Makes the Big Apple look like a consolation prize, like on those old gameshows where, if you flamed out early, the booth announcer sent you on your way with a supply of “Rice-a-Roni, the San Francisco treat!”

New lyrics for Sinatra: “If you can’t make it anywhere, you might still make it here.”

Here is the biggest reason I believe she–or do I need to say ze?–will run for mayor: donations are down for the Clinton Foundation.

Winning Gracie Mansion, if not the White House, would get those six-figure speaking fees flowing again, so she won’t be “dead broke”.



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