Holiday in Red, White and Blue Concert

by Elizabeth Ruiz



Traditionally, the Air Force Band of the West presents a “Holiday in Blue” Concert in December, but this year, they’re doing something different.

“This year we’re calling it a Holiday in Red, White And Blue because we’re partnering with the Army Band,” said Air Force Major David Alpar.


The 323rd Army band, “Fort Sam’s Own,” will be deactivated next year because of budget cuts, so they were invited to participate in the Air Force concert this weekend.

“Its going to be a terrific event as we share the stage with our brothers and sisters in the Army,” said Alpar.

The program features a wide variety of Christmas and Hannukah tunes.

“We’ll be doing a lot of traditional music and pop music as well, said Alpar.

They’ll even turn the spotlight on two bassoonists in a number titled “Bassoon it will be Christmas.”

Showtime is 3 pm Saturday and Sunday at the Edgewood Theatre of Performing Arts and tickets are free. Check the Air Force Band of the West website for more information.


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