Holiday Season Can Be A Good Time To Look For A New Job

Did you ask Santa for a new job this year?

The Holidays are actually a great time to look for a new gig. We talked to Mark Hanrick at Bankrate dot com about the current job market, which he says is quite robust.

With that in mind, Managers can often get a good feel for who they’re going to need to bring in to the company in the upcoming year once December rolls around so get those resumes ready. If your search isn’t providing any opportunities you’re interested in, use those holiday parties to do some networking.

“It’s a natural time of year to have more socializing. There’s tremendous opportunity to ask someone, do you know of future job openings or opportunities? Do you know someone else you can point me to.

Hamrick says perspective employees often don’t want to start a new job or relocate during the holidays. So if that’s not a concern for you, it created even more opportunities.

If you really want to wait until the new year, Hamrick predicts the job market will continue to be strong as unemployment levels continue to drop and more jobs will be created.



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