House Ways and Means Chair Applauds GOP Tax Plan

By Bill O’Neil

It’s about time–the word from the House Ways and Means Committee Chairman as Republicans roll out their plan for tax reform.

“For a middle income family of four making $59-thousand a year… this bill delivers a tax cut of nearly $1200” Houston-area Congressman Kevin Brady said Thursday, pointing to others he said will benefit from the plan.

“For that Main Street business making $62-thousand a year working day and night and weekends… a tax cut of over $3000” Brady said.

The Congressman said this is an opportunity that should not be missed.

“This is it America… this is our opportunity to make tax reform a reality… and deliver the most transformational tax cuts in a generation” Brady said, adding “That’s your money. You earned it. You deserve to keep it, and you should be able to use it for whatever you want.”

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