Hurd Presses New Terror Fight

Congressman Will Hurd speaks in support of the Combating Terrorist Recruiting Act.

“Every day ISIS spreads their lies and propaganda, drawing in naive young Americans,” he said, on the House floor Tuesday.

He said ISIS takes advantage of the internet and social media to attract Americans.

This bill would allow the use of testimonials of former extremists in the country’s counter-narrative efforts.

“The Combating Terrorist Recruiting Act will allow us to take these powerful words of truth and use them to combat the lies that ISIS is spreading on social media,” he said. “Some may say this is unnecessary, some may say why aren’t we already doing this…we aren’t, and that’s why we need this piece of legislation.”

“Our young people are being targeted, we have the tools to help protect them, these tools can stop others in our hometowns from making a terrible mistake,” Hurd said.

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