Hurd Says President’s Nuclear Button Tweets No Biggie

by Elizabeth Ruiz

A Republican Congressman from the San Antonio area says there are bigger stories emerging from North Korea than the size of President Trump’s nuclear button.

After North Korea’s leader said the nuclear button is on his desk, Trump fired back on twitter. He said that someone needs to tell Kim Jong Un that he too has a nuclear button. President Trump added,” it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works.

“Instead of talking about what the President may have tweeted, we should be talking about how it’s a big deal that North Korea called the South Koreans on their special bat phone,” Congressman Will Hurd said on the Jack Riccardi Show.

The North has restored a hotline used to communicate with the South that’s been out of use since 2015, when Kim Jong Un ordered it scrapped. A brief call was made earlier today and future dialogue is expected.

“We should be talking about how the North Koreans are probably going to participate in the Olympics that are coming up in South Korea,” said Hurd.

He calls the reopening of the border hotline with South Korea a “big deal.”

“As long as countries are talking, they’re not fighting,” said the Republican from Helotes.

Hurd also talked about the protests in Iran, saying it’s important for the United State to amplify the message of the protestors as the Iranian government tries to shut them down.

“Unfortunately, what we’re seeing in some of the press is that they’re regurgitating what the Iranian government is saying, not what the people are doing,” said Hurd.

He’s calling on France, Germany, England and the United Nations to follow President Trump’s lead in voicing support for the protestors. Hurd claims there are human rights violations going on as the Iranian government tries to silence the protestors and erode the country’s Constitution.

“It’s a big deal. We have Iranian women taking off their hijabs and showing defiance to the religious police,” Hurd said. “The only way to change a nuclear Iran, is to change the government.”


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