ICE: Travis County Didn’t Honor Gang Member’s Detainer

By Don Morgan

Mexican Gang Member has been arrested a month after he was released from the Travis County Jail.

Back on June 16th ICE agents filed a detainer request for 33 year old Julio Cesar Mendoza-Caballero and on the very same day, the documented gang member was released from jail.

Travis County Jail officials didn’t tell ICE about the release.

The man was brought back into custody on Friday. He had been deported 4 times in the past.

Mendoza-Caballero has a long list of charges here in the states with his most recent arrest coming in June. He was brought in for violating a city ordinance and causing bodily injury.

The jail says an ICE detainer was filed at that time. He’s currently in the custody of the U.S. Marshal.

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