If You Are A Democrat, I Have A Question For You


The Democratic Party of my parents and grandparents was all about “speaking truth to power”.

What happened?

It’s clear that the Obama Administration weaponized the IRS, NSA, FBI to systematically thwart opponents and actual opposition candidates. It’s a certifiable miracle that Donald Trump won despite this.

Take the FBI…please. Decades of trust and admiration gave way to bad actors, bald politics, and a “secret society” above the law.

We have seen a fraction of a fraction of the evidence, but the problem is already clear to many of us.

Why aren’t Democrats—any of them—as horrified and outraged as they have been in the times of Watergate and Iran-Contra? I’m asking: can any Democratic voters tell me?

I haven’t seen one elected Dem as shocked or dismayed as they once would have been. Criminality and perversion of the Constitution used to be a bridge too far for everyone. Now, it’s ho-hum.

If nothing else, do they not fear the very real possibility that this playbook can be used against them?

Or are they signalling that this is a playbook only they use?



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