I’m Begging You–Please Don’t Live For Politics

Unless, of course, you are a politician. Then go ahead.

But for the remaining 99.99% of us…how about those Cubs?!

How can you not love baseball, if you saw Game 7 of this year’s World Series. So much heart and drama, a game that had everything: great pitching, timely hitting, clutch fielding, fateful mistakes and unlikely redemptions.

Even in defeat, Cleveland’s future Hall of Fame manager, Terry Francona, gave perhaps the perfect concession.

Although the game was played in Cleveland, it resonated everywhere. In particular, it brought a moment of joy and unity to a city riven with historic levels of homicide and hopelessness. Briefly, on Wednesday night, we were on the edge of our seats over something, just for the fun of it.

Did you forget, when Aroldis Chapman gave up the tying runs, or when the Indians’ last batter bounced out, about Trump and Clinton? Did you lose yourself for a little while? I know I did, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

You know, we needed that.

Now, you can say “it’s just boys playing a game” or “there are more important things”. Both true.

But, do you not celebrate your child’s birthday, or good report card? There are more important things.

I see politics, particularly this year, turning more and more of us into pruney scolds, folding our arms and tut-tutting our fellow Americans who don’t care about the Constitution or equal pay enough, or are laughing, eating, playing or praying when they should be CONCERNED ABOUT THIS COUNTRY DAMMIT!

If I may, consider this: politics (elections, debates, campaigning) is the means to an end. How we are governed. It is not the end (unless it is your career field, as I mentioned earlier).

Watching sports, enjoying hobbies, cooking, gardening, going to church, coaching our kids is life. Who wins or loses an election is a fact of life, an incident in your life, but should not be your life.

It’s no reason to give up friends, or, frankly, to give up at all.



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