I’m Calling Bullbleep On The Wall, or the “Wall”

Whether it’s going to be a border wall, or a border “wall”, it’s time to pull on your hip waders.

Whatever he “meant” at the time, it sure sounded like candidate Trump wanted to build a “big, beautiful wall”, a wall that you could see. Right?

Drones, blimps and ground sensors? I missed that line in the stump speech.

But the real bullbleep is just getting started. I’m looking at you, Congressional Democrats.

Since when have you ever cared about the cost of anything? You’ve been snarfing up tax dollars for years, for highly questionable public art, studies of animal mating habits and “foreign aid” to dictators whose mistresses are getting boob jobs while the hoi polloi starve to death.

It’s a miracle, folks—we finally found something whose price tag offends these solons. President Trump wants $1.4B to start construction of the wall, or the “wall”, if you will. I never thought I’d live to see something they thought was just too expensive. I can die now.

That $1.4B is 0.035% of this year’s projected federal spending. (Projected spending: $3.96T. Projected revenue: $3.41T. Source: Congressional Budget Office)

It’s four hours of IRS tax collections.

It’s less than one day of HHS spending.

Look Dems, if you think the wall, or the “wall”, is a bad idea, that’s one thing. Or if you just want to come out of the closet and declare your love for open borders, that’s ok too. But this sudden frugality is…bullyouknowwhat.

Just in case they can’t pry open their purse, Sen. Ted Cruz has an especially Ted Cruzian idea: apply the roughly $14B seized from El Chapo, a.k.a. Joaquin Guzman, to pay for the wall, or “wall”.

President Trump did say he’d make Mexico pay for the wall, or “wall”.

What’s not to love, or “love”?



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