Immediate Reaction To Pop’s ‘Embarrassment In The World’ Comment

For nearly 15 minutes during Spurs media day, coach Popovich spoke about politics and race relations in the USA.

He expressed his dismay at the Trump presidencey without ever mentioning the President by name.

Our country is an embarrassment in the world.”

Response to the coach’s comments was immediate.

“Embarrassment? The WHOLE country? Pop is nuts!” – Rick T

“YAY Pop. He is the reason I LOVE MY SPURS!!!!!!” – Sirena

“Rallying to help people hit by Harvey and Irma is pretty embarrassing stuff, huh Pop!” – Bob R.

“San Antonio is so damned lucky to have him as our coach! Keep giving them the s*** Pop!” – Becky

“The coach’s hate for our President now leads him to believe all of us are embarrassing? Screw him and the Spurs!” – Flores

“I have held season tickets for more than 30 years. I am done. No more Spurs for me, and I will not do business with their sponsors either.” – Roger K.

“Pop just cost the Spurs another fan!” – Debbie S.

“Go Pop Go!” – Pete J.


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