My Inbox Has Been Flooded With These Questions

Our second Mayoral town hall/debate happens today at noon in the Alamo Lounge. It will air live on KTSA.

My inbox and Facebook page are jammed with questions for the candidates.

Here is just a sample of what people are demanding answers to:

All three candidates are against the sanctuary city bill in the Texas legislature. Specifically, what do you oppose?

Under what circumstances should someone who entered the country illegally be removed?

All three candidate are against the bathroom bill. Again, what specifically do you oppose?

What accomplishments have you had that qualify you to be mayor?

Why don’t people trust public officials anymore – and why should we trust you?

Another bond? Just what is my tax money being spent on?

And so on….

So, what do YOU want to hear the future mayor of San Antonio address?

What bothers you about San Antonio leadership?

Hit the comments section on my Facebook or the KTSA Facebook pages and let us know! We will add your question to the stack!






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