Instead of “Black Friday”, Do This. Please.

You have the power to do something miraculous, right now.

The shop-’til-you-drop madness of the season is driven, in large part, by volume. We try to shop for so many people, and when it comes to kids, parents often think they need a tsunami of gifts flowing out from under the Yule tree.

But it’s not like that all over.

A tiny hand takes up a pencil, writes to Santa, but knows there may be nothing this Christmas. Still, he or she hopes. 

A little girl who would love to have her own hairbrush. A boy wishing for a soccer ball. One package of new underwear. A box of sixty-four Crayolas. Other ideas right here.

These are the children of Family Service Association’s families—the ones they serve in all kinds of ways all through the year. All in S.A. At Christmastime, each family member gets a wrapped, age-appropriate gift with their name on the tag.

One and you’re done. Meet the easiest person to shop for.

I hope you’ll pick up a gift and join us to wrap ’em all, Tuesday night, December 6th, for our 18th annual “Wrappin’ With Jack” event at Magnolia Halle, 10319 Huebner Road. We’ll be on 550/107.1 KTSA, Ken Slavin will be singing your Christmas favorites and you’ll be with the coolest, nicest people I know. Presented by Quarter Moon, and in part by Copenhagen Furniture, Window World, Cowboy Cleaners and Ben Adams Precious Jewels and Fine Gifts.

Bring your gift(s), and the gift of your being there, between 7 and 9.

Also, if you can, donate by credit or debit card now so we can cover all the families—as I write this, we have less than half of the cash needed, and there are only a few days left to shop before the 6th. I know we can do this, because we have before. Will you please help me?

In less time than it took to read this blog, you can make someone’s whole year, with one inexpensive gift. The joy and gratitude will be off the chart.

It’s that simple, and I’m asking you to do it right now. Please.



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