Jack’s Do-It-Yourself Auto Body Shoppe

A story about an Aussie driver who was using a frying pan as a steering wheel led me to talk about my first car with body rust holes SO big I filled the holes with hammered pieces of aluminum siding.

Which I don’t recommend.

I come from a long line of…um…improvising. My dad fixed a broken tail-light on the family Country Squire wagon with a halved plastic two-liter soda bottle. One brakelight was red. One was…reddish.

But Skillet Boy and I have nothing on these intrepid DIY’ers:

Gotta love the “log bumper”, the bathroom stall deadbolt and the creative usage of duct tape. It’s not just for ducts anymore.

Some of these “fixes” give a whole new meaning to “I nailed it!”

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