July Prime Time for Burglaries

July is high time for thieves and burglars.

“July is the third busiest month for burglary claims, likely because people are out of town,” State Farm’s Chris Pilcic said.

December and January are tops, for obvious reasons, but the numbers are trending down.

“So over the last five years or so, we’ve actually seen about half the number of home theft claims than we did in 2011,” he said.

And that’s thanks in part to new home security technology.

“One of the great things about these security systems now…is you might be able to get a discount on those through your insurance company up front, but they almost certainly will give you a discount on your monthly premium, whether you’re a renter or a home owner,” Pilcic said.

Pilcic said you can always protect yourself, simply by locking up, making it look like you’re home when you’re not, and asking your neighbors to keep an eye out.


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