Kevin Wolff Speaks About Arrest

“I screwed up, for that, I am very sorry,” a visibly shaken Commissioner Kevin Wolff told the media Wednesday.

He’s not resigning, instead he did what his father, Judge Nelson Wolff, told him to do: take responsibility for his actions.

“At my home on Saturday night, I made the stupid decision to mix alcohol, high blood pressure, anti-anxiety medications, as well as the prescription sleeping pill ambien,” he said. “I was at home with my family and I have no memory of leaving the house.

But, apparently, he did. A short time later, he allegedly rear-ended two cars at a Whataburger. He was arrested for DWI.

“Make no mistake, what I did on Saturday was wrong,” Wolff said. “It was a terrible mistake and I am incredibly grateful no one was injured.”

He plans to plead no contest.

“Learning that your daughter got to see you handcuffed in the back of police car is pretty much a wake up call that something’s wrong,” he said.

He said resigning crossed his mind for maybe a half second, but believes this incident will not effect his ability to do his job.


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