Krier Calls for Charter Change on Heels of “Sanctuary Cities” Suit

By Bill O’Neil

He disagreed with the decision to file a lawsuit over the State’s new “Sanctuary Cities” law–and likes the process of how City Council decided to file that lawsuit even less.

“I’ve heard from citizens all over this City who believe as I do–that when the City Council decides to sue the State of Texas for the first time in 300 years… that we should post that for public discussion, and there should be an up or down vote by the City Council” Krier told KTSA News.

That’s why the Councilman plans to appear before the City’s Charter Review Commission Wednesday Evening to make his case for putting that potential change on the ballot next year.

Krier praised Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff for his decision to place the discussion over a possible lawsuit–which the County joined–on the Commissioner’s Court ballot this week. San Antonio’s City Council discussed the issue behind closed doors last week. The City Attorney ultimately decided there was a clear consensus among Council to go forward with a lawsuit.

“My hat is off to County Judge Nelson Wolff. The County made this decision in pubic session” Krier said, adding “We may agree or disagree on whether or not they should sue… but the County Judge and I agree that it should be done in public, with notice.”

Ultimately, the Charter Review Commission will decide on recommended changes that should be placed on the ballot for voters to decide next year.

“I hope giving citizens knowledge of decisions to sue the State of Texas will be one of those items” Krier said.



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