La Prensa de San Antonio shuts down

from Delia Guajardo's Facebook Page

After struggling to keep La Prensa de San Antonio going, publisher and owner Nina Duran is shutting down the bilingual newspaper.

Her father, Tino Duran and his wife Millie, revived the publication in 1989. He passed away nearly a year ago at the age of 82 after a battle with Alzheimer’s.

“He would understand. He wouldn’t want anybody to hurt or to potentially lose their home just to keep this paper afloat,” Nina Duran said in a video posted on Facebook.

She took over the reins when her father retired in 2016.

“I’ve enjoyed every step of this journey and knew this was a possibility when I returned as publisher in 2016. “Ultimately I’m so happy I was able to provide jobs to people who I consider family for two more years,” stated Duran.

She said she’s at peace with her decision as she continues to work on the online talk show Bean and Chisme and the marketing firm HeartFire Media.

“Many of you may have already seen La Prensa Texas circling San Antonio and I would like to let everyone know that La Prensa de San Antonio has no affiliation with La Prensa Texas. It is a separate company with different owners,” said Duran. “There’s been a ton of confusion and I wanted to take this time to clear the air.”




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