LaHood Details New Genene Jones Indictments

By Pilar Arias and Bill O’Neil

Two new indictments for a woman suspected of possibly murdering dozens of babies in the 1980’s.

“Justice demands for all of these innocent children’s deaths to be investigated and accounted for. We will continue to follow the evidence wherever it leads us” Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood said.

The new indictments against Genene Jones accuse her of murder in the deaths of 8-month old Ricky Nelson in 1981 and 4 1/2 month old Patrick Zavala in 1982. She was poised to leave prison by next March.

“I’ve said this before, true justice will come when she stands before the Lord. But on Earth… on this side of heaven… I believe that she should take her last breath from behind bars–and that is our intent” LaHood said, adding

“At the time when she was convicted–the jury that convicted her with that 99-year sentence… it has come to our attention they said if they could have given her the death penalty they would have” LaHood said.

The two new indictments follow on the heels of two others that were handed down against Jones earlier this month. The District Attorney said the new cases will be handled separately.

“I can’t say that for sure more indictments are coming–but I can’t say they’re not either. We’re just going to continue to work and see where the evidence leads us” LaHood said.



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