LaHood Pushes Legislature to “Get Tough” with “Chronic Abusers”

Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood has a message for the Texas Legislature: it’s time to get tough on those who chronically abuse the most vulnerable among us.

LaHood is out with a proposal–a challenge for lawmakers in Austin–to increase the maximum punishment those abusers might face for their crimes.

“If someone has been a long-term abuser, if someone has abused multiple individuals in one incident… this would be an enhancement in the statute” LaHood told KTSA News, describing his push, adding “Or if someone attacks a child or abuses a child under (the age of) six.”

The proposal stems from the shocking case of child abuse in Northeast Bexar County earlier this year in which two young children were found chained up in a backyard.

“Right now, that would still be a third-degree felony if it does not rise to the level of serious bodily injury. I do not think it has to rise to the level of serious bodily injury to have them held accountable to the maximum” LaHood said, expecting a warm welcome for his push from both Democrats and Republicans in Austin.

“I mean, who doesn’t want to protect children, the disabled, and our elderly. I’m praying I’ll get a lot of bi-partisan support” LaHood said.



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