About Last Night’s Storms – I thought You Would Like To Know…

After four tornadoes ripped through our area last night, I have been invited to appear on a number of stations and networks across America today to describe the storms and the damage they left behind.

I have been in San Antonio all my life, 53 years, and on the air for more than 42 years. I cannot remember San Antonio ever experiencing four tornadoes at one time.

And for as unbelievable as that is, what is more incredible is that as of right now we do not have reports of major injuries or loss of life.

That, my friends, is the grace of God.

Here’s what you should know: San Antonio is a city that is much loved around the United States.

In every single interview the point was stressed over and over just how special our area is to so many people. Most have ties here because of our military.

People expressed their love for the Alamo by asking if she came through the storms okay.

And all, every one of them, are praying for the victims of last night’s storms.

I just thought you would like to know.


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