Lawsuit Asks if Cruz Can be Prez

Remember when Donald Trump asked about Ted Cruz’ legal qualification to be President of the United States?

“People are worried that he wasn’t born in this country… he was born in Canada” Trump said in early January, adding “The problem is if the Democrats bring a lawsuit–the lawsuit could take years to resolve. How do you have a candidate where there’s something over the head of the Party… and that individual?”

It seems a Houston lawyer is asking the same question. Newton Schwartz has filed a lawsuit–which appears to be the first questioning whether or not Cruz is really eligible to run for President.

For his part, Schwartz has said Cruz should welcome the lawsuit–and the answer to the question he expects from it.

The Texas Senator has maintained he is eligible to run for President despite being born in Canada–based on the fact his mother is an American citizen. Cruz has said that make shim an American Citizen at birth–and therefore legally allowed to run for President.


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