Leadership in the Church Shooting Aftermath?

By Don Morgan

It was the worst mass shooting in Texas history and up next for the community of Sutherland Springs, trying to get past the tragedy.

Tom Kolditz is an expert in Crisis Leadership at Rice University. He says this is the time for true leaders to come forward and help the survivors not only get the help they need but to guide them through the rough months ahead.

Kolditz says the first week after a tragedy are critical because that’s when emotions are the most raw and when statements and actions by leaders are the most appreciated and if a leader says the wrong thing, the least forgivable.

“Community leaders have to keep in mind that while recognizing the fallen, they’re leading the living into the next chapter of their lives.”

He also mentioned how important it is for leadership to focus on the needs of others while keeping their own emotions in check.

Kolditz feels that the rest of the nation is about to find out why Texas is such a special place as the entire state sends it’s love and support to the community of Sutherland Springs.



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