Leadership in Our Hour of Crisis: Chief Brown

If I had a nickel for every time a caller mentions that he or she is less than thrilled with the presidential choices of 2016, I’d be almost as wealthy as the two of them.

But we make a common mistake when we look for leadership only in the dank corridors of our nation’s politics.

In the last week, for example, the greatest leadership on exhibit in this country has come from the Dallas chief of police, a man hardly anyone outside of the big ‘D’ had ever heard of.

David Brown, while not setting out to do so, has added to, and even begun, substantive discussions about race and policing, even as he imparted reliable info and a steadying hand on a volatile situation. He’s professional, but empathetic. He loves what he’s doing, and does it with love. Unafraid. People across the political spectrum have noticed. He’s been retweeted by everyone from Bill O’Reilly to Lady Gaga.

He’s been much more of a national leader than…well, our national leaders.

A man I know in San Antonio runs a small business. Very successfully. He has no aspirations to do more than that, yet, he is a leader to almost everyone he comes into contact with. He is honest, candid, speaks up for what’s right and lends support to good causes. It won’t say “leader” on his business card, but a lot of us think of him as just that. We can depend on him.

You know someone like this. Perhaps you are someone like this.

It’s tempting to give into the despair that we don’t have good leadership in this country. But we do.

We are just looking for it in all the wrong places.




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