At Least We Can Have a Good Laugh


It’s been the kind of week where we need a good laugh or three.

I was just thinking…in a 24 hour period…

…Somehow, Twitter “deactivated” President Donald J. Trump’s account, @RealDonaldTrump.

From shortly before 6 P.M. CST until 6:03, Thursday, it came up as “does not exist”. Human error, they say.

Or, in other words, Hillary’s fantasy.

…And, just the night before, our friends at communications megacorp Spectrum managed to knock off almost all of their Internet customers across Texas, all night and into the next morning.

Fortunately, there was nothing important that people might be streaming at that time.

Other than the hometown team playing a World Series Game 7. But, y’know.

Anyway, what I was thinking: the tech companies seem capable of kicking everyone off-line.

Except for ISIS. Impossible. And every two-bit cyberbully at every public school. Nope.

Somehow, they can’t be electronically evicted from the ‘Net neighborhood. Only everyone else.

You have to laugh.



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