Has The Left Finally Found An Immigrant They Don’t Like?

Just a friendly little tweak here, but I noticed Peter Beinart (note: good guy) from The Atlantic taking Melania Trump to task:

“She has not lived the story of America. She doesn’t understand the story of America.”

In context, it was a discussion of First Lady Michelle Obama’s excellent Monday night convention address. ¬†Beinart contends that what Michelle Obama did, talking about history, Melania couldn’t do. Ever.

She’s not from here. She doesn’t “get” us.

Funny, though, how rare it is to hear someone on the left say that being an immigrant is unauthentic. Don’t they usually go on and on about how immigrants ARE the American story, how they acutely appreciate the freedoms and opportunities of Americans, and how much they add to our lives and economy.

“We are a nation of immigrants”.

It is true that Michelle is not Melania and Melania is not Michelle. The First Lady’s talk was the better one, I thought. But there was a time when people haughtily dismissed Michelle’s ancestors just like Peter Beinart dismissed Mrs. Trump. They weren’t right, and Peter isn’t either.

In fact, the Democrats DO honor immigrants at their convention—they even featured an avowed illegal immigrant as a speaker.

But, as we’ve learned from the DNC emails, there’s a difference between the mask and the reality.

Immigrants come in all types and shapes, but you can’t lionize the experience of being one, and then say, well, not if they’re Melania Trump.

The magic of America is that an immigrant doesn’t always “get” us at first, and some never do.

But they can, they might, and even Peter Beinart doesn’t know if they will. The truth is, Michelle Obama and Melania Trump are strong American women, who’ve taken different paths and may have different destinations. Or the same one.


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