Legendary San Antonio News Anchor on Hillary Collapse

Here is what legendary KENS 5 news anchor Chris Marrou posted on Facebook today about the video showing Hillary Clinton weaving and collapsing in New York.

“Okay, some people didn’t want to believe it when Hillary coughed for four minutes, but you’re just kidding yourself if you think it’s going away.”

“I spent 40 years covering the news and I know a coverup when I see one. The Democrats are going to have to admit soon that they have a nominee who is literally not healthy enough to be president, even if she survives to January 20. If she is elected that means you’ll have Huma Abedin, her chief of staff, running the country, with parents who love muslim terrorists and who edited an almost-terrorist magazine for years, or Tim Kaine, about whom you know nothing except that he is quite willing to be a Clinton stooge.”

Marrou continued, “Expect the Dems to say Hillary has health problems this week, but they’ll lie about what they are in hopes they can sit on the real reason another eight weeks. Also expect them to come up with an excuse for the debates – perhaps having Hillary somewhere they can cut the cable if she has another “episode.” Oops, technical difficulties!”

Agree or disagree?



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