Welcome to David's Garden Seeds And Products. On our website, you will learn about a wide variety of seeds, gardening tools, and equipment so that you can become a successful gardener, providing your family with healthy, organic, nutritious, and delicious food straight from your own garden! It just doesn't get any better than that!

David has been a gardener since he was a small boy here in San Antonio and then learned to grow more when his family moved up to the Texas Hill Country. Since getting married in 1987, David and Juanita have lived in various parts of the USA and have had a garden every year. They have learned a lot about growing food and returned to San Antonio in 1999.

David began David's Garden Seeds in 2009, turning his favorite hobby of gardening into a business, incorporating selling top quality, non-GMO seeds and teaching others how to garden in the San Antonio area.

The team at David's Garden Seeds has taken the Safe Seed Pledge, providing only the best seeds for your family.

David's Garden Products are top of the line quality seeds so they cost more than the seeds you buy at discount stores. They are worth it. They grow and produce good quality plants when the package directions are followed. We know because we have used them for years and we continue to test them out in our yard and in our home.

We have a helpful and user friendly website. If you are new to gardening, try visiting David's Garden Seeds here to get great ideas to start a garden in your backyard.