Local Doc Offers Tips To Avoid Post Holiday Pounds

It’s hard to avoid. Over indulging on food and alcohol when you attend Christmas gatherings this time of year.

A local ER Doc says just a few simple tips can ensure that you’ll still be able to button your pants the next day.

Dr. Matthew Cross at Physicians PremiER in New Braunfels admits it may be tough to avoid over eating and drinking but all of those high carb, sugary foods and drinks can take a toll on your health.

He recommends you cut your carb intake in half. If fruits and veggies are available, load up on those and cut back on foods that are high in carbohydrates.

Alcoholic beverages can do a number on your waistline as well.

“If you’re going to drink, rotate your alcoholic beverages with glasses of water.”

That’s going to be easy on your waistline and help you avoid a serious hangover.

Dr. Cross also suggests you avoid piling your plate with as much as you can. Take a just a little bit the first time around then just go up for seconds. He says you may not be hungry after you clean your plate the first time.

When preparing your meal.

“Wash your hands… a lot. Clean all of your kitchen utensils frequently and try to use the freshest ingredients as possible.”


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