What to Look For Super Tue

Who has the most to gain in Texas on Tuesday and who has the most to lose?

On the Republican side, the answer to both just might be Ted Cruz.

“This is a do or die election for Ted Cruz,” Rice University’s Mark Jones told KTSA News. “He has to win Texas, otherwise his campaign will be mortally wounded and he really needs a signature victory here in Texas.”

A big win, Jones said, sends a healthy signal about the Cruz campaign.

“If, on the other hand, Donald Trump does very well in Texas, if not beating Cruz, comes very close, that’ll make it very difficult for Ted Cruz to continue on in a viable manner,” Jones said. “Although I would expect him to (continue on), as long as he wins.”

Jones said Trump has nothing really to lose in Texas and expectations for Marco Rubio are low.

On the Democratic side, it’s all about Hillary Clinton.

“Texas is Hillary Clinton territory,” he said. “The only question is does she win 60% or 65% of the Democratic Primary vote.”


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