Reports that cities in Europe are now embedding traffic signals in the ground for people who are too busy reading their cell phones they can’t look up to see when the light turns green.  Seriously!
A new survey found 20 percent of Europeans were distracted by their cell phones, and the problem will only get worse because the numbers are even bigger among young people.
The idea to install the lights came about after a 15 year-old girl was hit by a tram and killed because she was distracted by her cell phone while crossing the tracks.
In China officials have installed special lanes for smombies – a smart phone zombie, so they may walk in safety never having to take their eyes off their phone.
If you’re thinking something like, “those crazy Europeans and Chinese that’ll never happen here,” think again.  A survey from the University of Washington says 1 in 3 Americans are also distracted by their cell phone at dangerous intersections.
The zombie apocalypse is here.  Their faces shine in screen light, and they have really, really big thumbs.


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