Major Disaster Shaping Up in Houston

By Bill O’Neil

A major disaster appears to be shaping up in the Houston area thanks to what’s left of Harvey.

“What I’m worried for is people who live along bayous or downstream from all the bayous that are flooding–who haven’t seen this kind of rain since 2001” Felicia Cravens said.

Tropical Storm Allison devastated the Houston area in 2001. Already, the rains from Harvey have left many roads in that area impassable.

“Hitting the road and trying to find a different location is just not worth it. It’s very unsafe out there” said Danny Perez with the Texas Department of Transportation.

As many as five deaths have already been reported in the Houston area.

“We’re just waiting for some of this water… this rain that’s coming through… to take some breaks” Perez said, as crews standby to try to clear those blocked roads.

For Cravens–it all means a very restless night–and day or days ahead.

“I’m tending too sleep between he alerts on the phone that keep waking me up” Cravens said, adding “I’m glad that they are still waking me up–because it could be far worse sleeping through one that I needed to be awake for.”


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