MALDEF Slams Ed Funding Ruling

The fight isn’t over yet.

The word from activists who are surprised–and frustrated with the Texas Supreme Court’s ruling upholding the constitutionality of the state’s education funding system.

“The Court delivered a devastating blow to the promise that all students deserve a high quality education–regardless of the zip code in which they live” said MALDEF Southwest Regional Counsel Marisa Bono, using the Court’s own words to express her frustration.

“The Court acknowledges the system is failing the kids who are most at risk” Bono said, adding “It acknowledged the serious achievement gap for economically disadvantaged, and English-language learner students.”

Not everyone agrees though.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton calls the ruling a “win for the people of Texas.” Governor Greg Abbott calls the decision “a victory for Texas Taxpayers, and the Texas Constitution.”

Bono said the group will continue it’s fight in the Legislature.

“The Court itself made clear the Legislature’s “band-aid” approach of the last few decades is not working, and the futures of millions of Texas students lie in the balance” Bono said.



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