Man Clings to Tree in Floodwaters

He was screaming at the top of his lungs, standing on top of his vehicle and clinging to a tree in raging flood waters, but nobody could see him.

St. Hedwig Volunteer Firefighters were placing barricades on Abbott Road near Greytown Road in East Bexar County shortly before 8 this morning when they heard the man yelling, but they couldn’t find him. A San Antonio Police helicopter helped Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputies locate the man.

“He was standing on top of his car, holding on to a tree in the flood waters,” said James Keith with the sheriff’s office.

They had to use a boat to rescue the man who was cold and shivering, but otherwise, okay.

Keith says the man is believed to be from Poland.

“He had a hard time communicating, but he was able to tell our deputies that he was just driving down the road when a wall of water came along and swept his car off the road.”

He’s lucky firefighters heard his screams.

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