Man Shot by Police After Threatening Teen

By Elizabeth Ruiz and Bill O’Neil

A man has been shot and killed by San Antonio Police after threatening to shoot a teen.

“We got a call for a suspect threatening to kill a 15-year old. There were three children in the house at the time (ages) 15, 12 and 10… and the mother” Chief William McManus said.

It happened Monday Morning at a home on Plaza del Sol–just to the west of Downtown San Antonio.

“Officers arrived¬†on the scene, the go around to the side door… the side door’s half open… they hear two shots”¬†McManus said.

That’s when the Chief said officers backed out and took cover on the side of the home.

“The suspect either advanced and raised a gun on them–or just raised the gun on them. A third officer shot” the Chief said.

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