Maybe One More Day.

Poem I wrote a few weeks ago, after Chris Cornell’s death:


Maybe one more day.


If it’s been a bad day,
and if the demons are really
kicking your ass, and even if
you can’t get a break
from the noise,
or the guilt,
or the grief,
or the fog,
or the spite,
or the pain,
or whatever it is
that is making you
nuts, and even if
your shadows and
thoughts are un-
relenting and
everything sucks,
including you, and
you think it’s
never gonna

and all
you want to do is
die tonight,


Give it just
one more day.

For the rest of us.

You got nothing to lose,
your plan is still intact,
and maybe, just maybe,
in the hours between,
you’ll realize
you can’t force
a sunbeam
through a black hole
in your heart without
going two-dimensional
and losing yourself, and
then maybe you’ll see,
in that one damn day,
that the folks you think
are out to get you
are really the ones
who love you
the most,

then maybe,

just maybe,


you’ll see a bit of light
from the moon or sun
or Jesus or me,

and you’ll give the plan

just one more day

after that,

and that’s all

we are asking

of you.



Copyright 2017 by Sean Rima.




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