Mayoral Candidates Spar Over City Manager’s Salary

KTSA hosted a forum for three of the candidates running for Mayor of San Antonio Monday afternoon and one of the topics brought up was the amount of money City Manager Sheryl Sculley is being paid. A base salary of 400,000 annually.

City Councilman Ron Nirenberg says it’s alarming that a city employee is making that much money but when you’re managing 12,000 employees with a budget of over 2 billion, you want the very best and he fells “Sheryl Sculley is the best”.

Mayor Ivy Taylor says trying to find a person as qualified as Sculley at half the price is impossible. She also feels Sculley earns her figure salary.

Both the Mayor and Nirenberg have worked closely with the City Manager during their time at City Hall. Then there’s Manuel Medina. He disagrees with the Mayor and the Councilman.

He says Sculley spends too much time campaigning on various issues on behalf of Council members and should more time performing her duties on behalf of all city residents. He also claimed Sculley is a bully and has too much power at City Hall.

We’re going to replay the Candidates Forum Friday night at 7.


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